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Donald Trump

is, self-admittedly, a flawed hero. He has a skill-set that is crucial, but there are flaws, too. Sometimes we have an imperfect person who is, in fact, perfect for the job.

For example, George Patton was a brilliant tank commander, and GREATLY helped win crucial WWII battles–we likely would not have won without him. But his social skills were, let’s say, a bit lacking.

That character is a staple of drama and literature, as far back as we know. VERY common in the Old Testament (think Sampson among many others).

Even today, look at Dirty Harry, Snape, Oedipus, Romeo, Brutus, and too many others to list. You can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a flawed hero!

The classical, “Dudley Do-Right” hero is actually relatively rare, and often played tongue-in-cheek. Gandalf is a notable exception, but he is a totally different typology.

So we can na├»vely moan about Donald Trump’s flaws. And certainly they are there. BUT, the skill-set is what is important here! And we are voting for a skill-set, NOT some Dudley Do-Right classical hero on a white horse.

Let’s focus, here. Pay attention to the skill-set.

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