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Getting rid

of Kamala?

My source for this story is not 100% reliable, so I want to see it elsewhere before I take it a gospel truth, Still, the source said…

Investigators now claim the cocaine was found “in a much more secure place…down near the Situation Room….average people just can’t get in there…that’s where the Vice President’s car is parked.”

Oh, yet another story! Ya buying it?

Of course, one never knows whether these “Biden” folks are lying. Yeah, maybe this time, but maybe not…

But it is almost for sure that it was Hunter, though they may try to fob it off on Kamala in order to get rid of her. Gee, you wonder if Black voters will still stand by Biden if he frames Kamala! If she confesses and “voluntarily” bows out, perhaps he can get away with it. But anything short of Kamala openly admitting and resigning would be a HUGE problem for Democrats. And I don’t think that is at all likely with her.

Here’s my guess of what will happen IF Kamala is fingered: Biden claims he has nothing to do with the prosecution, and it is ALL the DOJ. Of course, the DOJ is doing Joe’s bidding…

So Joe gets to kick the dead weight of Kamala off the ticket. He likely replaces her with Gavin Newsom. But this way he hopes to escape much of the ire of Black voters, who would sink his re-election chances.

Kamala’s benefit? What’s in it for her? After the election the DOJ drops the case or Biden pardons her…

I think, if true, that this is a trial balloon. They (“Biden”) are furtively sending the story up to see how the Black community reacts.

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