You understand

that this is the future, right?

And there are both good things and bad things about that. But it doesn’t really matter, because it is rather unavoidable.

For those of us who are disabled, it started with walkers and wheelchairs. Then it progressed to electric scooters and wheelchairs. All of which are wonderful. Even now I can get an electric wheelchair that comes to me when I “call” it with a remote. It is connected to the manufacturer via WiFi, and they can reach in to diagnose problems and do minor software repairs. And I strongly suspect that that is only the beginning.

Just think about what that means for a bit.

The age-old question is this: When is technology assistive and at what point does it become directive?

Maybe you did or said something that “your masters” didn’t approve of. Well, no mobility help for you! Your wheelchair is suddenly “bricked.”

And if you don’t think such “features” don’t often go in a coercive direction, you are simply not paying attention. Just look at Social Media!

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