Anti-scientific stance Captain Obvious

LOTS of kooks

and their primitive talismans.

But the truth is, it’s an all-around bad idea. Bad for individuals and bad for businesses. We ALL need to mature out of this juvenile nonsense!

The mentally unwell Zero COVID people in the liberal media machine are very upset about a new policy from infamous West Coast burger chain In-N-Out. The policy bars workers from wearing masks unless they have a doctor’s note saying that wearing one is medically necessary.

… Masking as a prophylactic measure against COVID-19 has been thoroughly debunked as performative pseudoscience at this point… Furthermore, masking as a universal default practice is aesthetically displeasing and socially destructive, as reading facial expressions and responding accordingly is innate to human interaction, which is what In-N-Out was getting at in its statement.

But even if we were to take at face value the false claim that masking was a godsend in terms of preventing COVID transmission, the people upset about In-N-Out’s policy gave up the right to demand anything on behalf of workers after they pressured businesses to force-mask and force-vax millions of employees and then excused these measures under the guise of “private sector gets to set its own rules.” [emphasis added]

Look, it’s one one side as it is on the other. If it was morally OK to force vaxx and masking, it is morally OK to require NO vaxx or masking, or (in this case) to prohibit masking. It’s a private business, right? I mean, a lot of private jet owners don’t want a pilot who has gotten the jab! Do they not have the right to only hire un-vaxxed pilots?

Let’s be a little intellectually consistent, here!

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