Yeah, it IS

pretty sinister.

IS there a non-psychotic argument that Biden is NOT dirty?

REP. ANDY BIGGSPeople wonder, is Joe Biden basically compromised vis-à-vis the Chinese Communist Party which runs China of course? These things begin to look real, we’re talking literally, it’s not $10 million, it’s well over 20, $30 million, some estimates as high as $100 million flowing through these accounts. We have to get to the bottom of it, but we’re getting slowwalked ourselves from the administration obviously, and their partisans and their supporters. This looks more and more sinister, every time we look at it, and just if we could release the SARS (Suspicious Activity Reporting System) which we cannot, they’re classified yet. Those suspicious activity reports will be corroborated by these whistleblowers tomorrow. 

Guys, he’s corrupt. He is a “dirty” politician. There is really no two ways about it.

You may not like Trump, but at least he’s not “dirty.” Understand well, Trump is not primarily the leader, he is the battering ram.

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