You know,

I really think it IS a good sign.

High school and early college age is, in many ways, a time for rebellion. In dress, music, and point-of-view this is a time for exploring and trying things out. They will be 25 soon enough. Yes, it’s a dangerous time for kids because some choices have ramifications that are permanent, but we ALL still have to negotiate that life phase in ways that we think are good for us.

The idea that people this age won’t rebel is stupid and unrealistic. And the coercive Lefty schoolmarms have made it virtually inevitable that kids will rebel against them.

Rebellion is an important developmental task. Better to steer it into productive paths than to just squeeze harder and harder.

And the professors are utterly mockworthy. They claim that somebody identifying as an Apache Helicopter (a common meme that makes fun of self-assigned genders) on a survey is indicative of White Supremacy, when in fact it indicates nothing more than a healthy contempt for their supposed betters who are so disconnected from the study of engineering that they are conducting this survey.

But this is dang funny! It is just precious to see these inflated ego people get hoisted on their own petard.

Our common sense puts things into categories for a reason, and once you throw that and every objective standard out the window, Apache Attack Helicopter is no more absurd than Agender trisexual who marries a doll, which would likely be accepted by the professors.

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