Agreed: The Biden

corruption is simply getting too big to hide. THIS is the proverbial elephant in the room.

I really don’t think he can hide forever. Does Joe Biden really think he can camp in the White House basement until then [2024], dodging every question about his son Hunter, foreign bribes and Department of Justice coverups?

… None of this is rumor or conspiracy theory. It’s backed up with bank records, pictures, witnesses, even Joe Biden’s own words.

Again, let me say what I very much assume will happen: The flying monkey MSM will finally get to the point where further defense of Joe Biden is just no longer feasible. Then they will turn on him en masse.

BUT, the MSM is still determined to protect the Democrat party. So Joe will very literally become the scapegoat. The talking point will be that it is Joe Biden, not the party as a whole, that is corrupt.

They will ceremonially place all their sins on Joe Biden and then send him out into the wilderness to die. In that way, they hope to escape the ignominy of Joe’s corruption.

But let’s not be fooled–They were absolutely fine with Joe’s evil behavior until they had to share in the blame! Then it’s a hypocritical dive for the fainting couch and exclamations of, “Well, I never…”

But it’s all a dodge, a scam.

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