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The Left can’t

meme, and they were born totally without a sense of humor. Those two things are very closely related and they are tied together. Ethnic Germans, Communists, and Leftists are famous for having no sense of humor!

Their “prime directive” is to be taken seriously. THAT is why humor and ridicule are so effective against them. THAT is why the Babylon Bee is such a burr under their saddle!

THAT is why they freaked out when engineering students, faced with a stupid “woke” survey, identified their gender as, “Apache Helicopter.”

And that is why they are whacking out about this.

Remember “All In The Family?” It was geared to make you side with “Meathead” and hate that dinosaur bigot Archie Bunker. But a funny thing happened–most people commiserated with Archie Bunker and hated the earnestly freeloading “Meathead.” The Lefty producers were gobsmacked!

The fact that they NEVER saw that as even a possibility speaks to just how bereft of common sense and how out-of-touch with real people they were. And that is now being recapitulated with the Barbie movie.

But there’s something even worse and more dangerous to the Left than the boys of Gen Z’s refusal to become submissive and self-loathing eunuchs: they have an abiding, sardonic sense of humor.

… Guys aren’t angrily boycotting Barbie (which Big Left would take as a win because it would prove that they can’t handle a strong, feminist Barbie); they’re flocking to the movie specifically to applaud the ludicrous chauvinism espoused by Based Ken. And to demonstrate to Leftists that they are perfectly willing to behave as badly as Leftists claim they do. And to laugh at the Leftists’ fuming and sputtering when they do it.

If there’s one thing totalitarians (like the modern Left) cannot tolerate, it’s fun. They sold their sense of joy along with their souls years ago. Unfortunately for them, their “Barbie” feminist film will generate more laughter, memes, mockery, and joy than they ever intended.

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