Bad Faith Media Flying Monkeys

You haven’t really

heard about the Fargo police ambush, eh?

That is no accident.

Fargo, North Dakota appears to have avoided a serious terrorist attack last week, but sadly, at a great cost. City officers were ambushed by Mohamad Barakat, 37, who was armed with a rifle and almost 2,000 rounds of ammo, while the officers were investigating a routine car crash. 

We don’t have the TN shooter’s manifesto, either. And for the very same reason–it doesn’t support the Lefty propaganda.

YOU are not being told everything!

In addition to the ammo and rifle, police found three long guns, four handguns, numerous ammo magazines, explosives, canisters with gasoline and a homemade hand grenade in Barakat’s car. The investigation has found evidence Barakat was planning to attack another area of Fargo before encountering the responding police officers.

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