Current Events

We are going

down a very dark road, indeed.

This is ALL about letting Joe and his minions off the hook. And it is even more disgusting because he has sullied the Secret Service. Former Secret Service people are just mad, and I don’t blame them one bit!

He also posed the question: Why is this being treated as if this dime bag or eight ball of cocaine was found on a street corner in a major city? And why isn’t it being treated that this was found in the White House? And also, if you didn’t think it was a threat, or could be a threat, why was the hazmat team called?”

YOU know very well why. Because an honest investigation would utterly destroy Joe Biden. DUH!

“So if that’s the case, how are you not interviewing people? I want to see the investigation be handled the way it deserves to be handled.”

… Marino didn’t single out Director Kimberly Cheatle, but said, “Political influence is only as effective as a particular leader will let it be. If you have a leader that is going to allow themselves to be influenced, again, not saying that it happened here, then yes, you can go down a very dark road.”

Joe Biden has corrupted Secret Service now. Amazing! He doesn’t have the Midas touch, he has the caca touch! He corrupts everything and everyone he touches–including his 2020 voters…

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