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No. I will not.

Go take a flying leap.

During the entire COVID panic I never did wear a mask, but unfortunately, there was no revolution. Americans lined up like sheep and did as they were told, despite the fact that there continues to be zero evidence that masks do anything to prevent the spread of respiratory viruses…

It now appears that the same government thugs who imposed jab and mask mandates before, working in league with the corrupt mainstream press, are once again trying to gin up another COVID panic, and force the same insane policies of lockdowns, school closures, and mask mandates all over again.

No. I will NOT do it. Kiss my butt!

Let me repeat, for what might be the hundredth time: No study before, during, or after the COVID epidemic has found any evidence any of these policies reduce the spread of these respiratory viruses, while many studies have repeatedly found some of these policies — especially masks — carry risks and can be harmful.

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