Current Events

Trump is

gaining strength.

Just look at the numbers and see the difference between the Republican Lilliputian debate and the Tucker Carlson interview of Trump!

Look at new voters for instance. Biden won that by 30 points in 2020 and in September of 2021, that turned into a Trump +2. Now in this poll, it is going to be roughly Trump +8. Massive shifts, new generation Xers and millennials that are men  working that are coming into the fold. Non-whites that are coming into the fold. And underclass voters. It’s a total disaster for the Democrats. A total disaster. And we do poll other candidates and I have to make this clear, this is only Donald Trump.

Yeah, that’s correct to say. Favorability is one thing. … There are people that always never liked Donald Trump but would vote for him and flirt with voting for him. And to us, that group is what matters. They are going to dislike both him and Biden, but they trust him to do a good job.

Who won the debate? Trump.

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