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So are we officially

a 3rd world country now?

A Giant grocery store in Southeast Washington, DC, has removed name brands like Advil, Colgate, and Tide from its shelves to better prevent a spike in theft.

Beyond the removal of brands, shoppers at Giant will also be required to show their receipts to security guards before exiting the store.

THIS is the fruit of Leftism. Always and everywhere. And it is very fertile ground for vigilanteism–a really bad outcome.

Just know that whatever you sow, that also shall ye reap…

Lefties, you simply CAN’T avoid the consequences of your actions! Sooner or later, those pesky consequences will find you. So get out of your Lefty bubble! Just how long are you going to blow smoke and say that your policies lead to fairies and unicorns?

I’m not buying. I am a historical Empiricist. And I’m not stupid, you know…

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