Culture Psychopathology

Yes, Trump is

leading a movement.

This no longer just political, is has become cultural due to the foam-flecked Lefties narcisistic-insult-fueled, OCD-like pursuit of Trump. It has shown hardcore Democrats to be both loony and monomaniacal.

And regular people bristle at the manifest unfairness, the kooky Javert-like pursuit of Trump. Democrats have shown that it is not at all about the issues, but is instead an irrational, spittle-lipped mania.

One indictment may have been reasonable, but four? All motivated by prosecutors’ hatred of Donald Trump? Most sane voters see that as the political hit job that it is. And Americans love an underdog.

Trump has become the leader of the plucky rebellion against Darth Vader and the evil Galactic Empire…

Now, thanks to Democrat goofy and irrational lust for revenge, it is no longer just policy, it is culture!

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