Hypocrisy Justice

It’s funny that

now that Democrats are on the business end of the whipping stick, they say that the public doesn’t want any more impeachments and that they are tired of partisan grandstanding.

I guess Democrats have “matured” since baselessly impeaching Trump over and over, eh? Not freakin’ likely! But now, having killed their parents, they are pleading for mercy on the grounds that they are just poor orphans. Huh.

The Democrats were “bad” Gollum when it came to Trump, but now they want to let bygones be bygones. You know, forgive and forget and all that.

Well, isn’t that conveeenient?

It sure is. And it just reeks of self-serving hypocrisy. This article argues for FAR more leniency than I would give, though purely on what the author thinks would be best for Republicans.

So my opinion is, sure, go ahead and continue investigating Joe Biden, and this time try to get it right by not focusing on the drug-addled, unemployable Hunter. But bear in mind that impeachment, once considered a nuclear option, no longer has much significance. Look how much harm it didn’t do, politically, to Donald Trump. In fact, the Democrats’ multiple ill-conceived impeachments probably helped Trump, as the Republicans’ impeachment of Bill Clinton, which was seen by the public as being about sex, helped Clinton.

I agree, though I very strongly doubt that Democrats are actually at all repentant. They would do it again in a nanosecond if they could. They are just now in Hell and don’t like it. Those are NOT the heartbreaking wails of the guilty-but-penitent. No, those are just the teeth-gnashing screams of the deservedly damned. BIG difference!

Here’s what I think: You do a real investigation. And if it truly leads to an impeachment, you go there. You lay the facts out for everyone to see. You are honestly not doing this for revenge, but merely following the facts. Impeachment arises out of the data, not out of spleen, like the Democrats did. But follow the data we must. Morality itself demands it.

Because we don’t want a Biden impeachment to be as stupid and meaningless as the Trump impeachments were. No, this is based on fact, not on spittle-lipped kookiness. This is justice, not mania!

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