Honestly, who

can follow the bouncing Kathy?

She basically crumped. She pretty much told the truth at first, but then got pressure from “Biden” and toed the line and lied. Could it even BE more obvious?

But Hochul’s candor — aimed squarely at Washington, and at Joe Biden in particular — clearly has had consequences too.
On Monday, she was warbling a different — far more deferential — tune. To wit:“With respect to what was said about the border, I have called for a more thoughtful, balanced national immigration — federal — immigration policy.”
Translation: “Oops, I sure stepped in it this time. Please don’t hurt me.”

… It’s not hard to imagine the blowback Hochul’s impertinence generated; the phone calls doubtless came fast and furious — the message being clear: “Nice incumbency you got there, guv. Be a pity if something happened to it.”

Kathy, stand up for the truth–don’t be a coward. Is that too much to ask?

Look, Biden has the anti-Midas Touch–the merde touch. Everything he touches turns to crap!

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