Bad Faith Current Events

And I really

don’t blame them one little bit! Who, after all, would talk cease-fire with a foe who is still threatening? Israel would be a HUGE fool to do so.

I mean, if a robber robbed you once and then promised to come back and rob some more, would you negotiate him having a key to your house with him? OF COURSE you wouldn’t! So why would you expect Israel to? I don’t blame them and consider their actions completely justified.

Now that they’re facing consequences for their barbaric attacks on Israel, the terrorist lowlifes in Hamas want to play nice. It’s difficult to ascertain if they’re audacious, stupid, or a disturbing combination of both. 

After brutally massacring over 600 Israelis and then suffering some retaliatory strikes from Israel, the bloodthirsty jihadis of Hamas now want a truce. The Israeli government is virtually certain to get immense pressure to agree to such a truce, but this is actually the last thing that Israel should do at this point.

… Indeed, every official statement from Israel has indicated that the country is not in the mood to take its foot off of the gas in this war for a while, no matter how much pressure it receives from elsewhere in the world. “Elsewhere in the world” didn’t get brutally attacked while most of its citizens were praying.

No, I certainly wouldn’t be in the mood for a truce at this point…

And another thing: Hamas has kidnapped American citizens and is threatening to execute them. That, my friend, is a casus belli for American military intervention. Of course, “Biden” will absolutely try and downplay that moral imperative–they fully side with Hamas, after all!

And of course, it is also a casus belli for war against Iran. Another thing “Biden” is frantically trying to ignore. Whistling passed the graveyard…

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