Let’s say that

I sneak up behind you and sucker punch you in the back of the head and steal your wallet while you are down. Oh, and I am a porky 5’7″ and weigh 225, while you are a muscle-man and 6’4″ weighing almost 250.

Then, when you regain consciousness and get up, I say that I really don’t want to fight anymore and that violence never solved anything, anyway. Let’s just forgive and forget and seek peace, OK? I mean, that’s the morally right thing to do, right?

Do you agree?

Like the article said:

Segments of the American public pleaded with leaders to hold back on planning a counterattack and instead listen to Japanese calls for peace. “It would be immoral to strike back at Japan,” said one Congressman. “Yes, they just bombed America’s naval base. Yes, they seriously crippled our fleet. Yes, they killed over 2,000 Americans. But now they want peace, so we should totally believe them. It’s not like they would do anything sneaky.”

What do YOU think is moral in this case, and why?

Now do Israel…

It’s a TON like the Pandemic miscreants now:

For me, I think that is a total bastardization of “repentance” and “forgiveness.” There is no admission of guilt or restitution or anything.

It is not the deep regret of the repentant, it is just the sorrowing of the damned that they can’t escape the consequences of their actions! This is not just seeking “cheap grace,” it is, with calculation, seeking grace at bargain basement prices!

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