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great article.

To assume that our ideological opponents want something is to play the game on their turf. It’s a mistake we make constantly. We imagine that words mean the same thing when they use them as when we use them.

…As winter approaches, the exhausted bugbear of the Covid hoax isn’t playing as it did during the heyday of the pocket tyrant, Anthony Fauci, as the public realizes that the entire charade was a test run to see just how much Americans would take, how eagerly they were willing to rat out each other out, to be spied on, lied to, panicked by their friends, neighbors, and government.

…the “fortified” 2020 presidential election may have at least temporarily slain the Trump bogeyman, but the effective doubling of prices on just about everything now has people understanding that voting has consequences beyond simply feeling that you’re on the “right side of history,

… Americans — and many Europeans, who are also now coming to their senses — are realizing that they’ve been had. Swedes and even Germans are now openly bruiting the idea of expelling the hordes of Middle Easterners who arrived at their governments’ behest, even as Mutti Merkel’s Kinder have come home to roost.…

 … So the choice is stark, the danger clear and present, the time is now: do the men of the West rise once again to stop the barbarians at — and already within — the gates, or do they surrender to the resentful losers of cultural Marxism and their burning desire to set the world aflame and live in the ruins? 

You know, I read articles all the time. But it is very rare that I’m as impressed with one to the extent I am impressed with this one!

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