Political Strategy

You know,

it’s a real conflict!

Democrats have some HUGE rifts between parties in their coalition! And those are NOT easily papered over.

They need a “devil” to keep everyone riled up and united. For the last nearly 10 years that “devil” was Donald Trump. Because without a clear dragon that they, the Democrats, have to slay, they are left to dealing with the longstanding natural rifts between members of this coalition of convenience.

Lefty Jews and Jihadi Muslims do indeed hate each other, but the specter of an MSM-created Trump bogeyman has made it possible for them to temporarily put down their mutual hatred and fight… Trump. If not together, then at least with a common goal.

But such a coalition is inherently unstable, and certainly won’t be durable enough to survive even moderate headwinds. It can work, but only on a very short-term basis.

Like an emulsion of oils and egg yolks (with water in them) in your Hollandaise sauce, it will come together for a bit with enough careful agitation. But the emulsion is NOT stable, and will invariably eventually separate at some point after the agitation stops (which is why peace and stability is anathema to Democrats–they need that agitation).

And if Democrats are not very careful, that “sauce” will “break” and totally separate. And once it breaks, no amount of frantic agitation will really put it back together.

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