Lefty Political Philosophy

I’m afraid that

the day of free Internet content is coming to a close. And I hate it–I don’t want it to happen!

And I think that it just leads to even more polarization. Think about it–you will ONLY be exposed to those sites you already like. NO ONE is going to pay for content they don’t agree with!

So googly-eyed Leftists will subscribe to the NY Times and thus are not even exposed to contrary viewpoints. They are ever in their Lefty fever swamps—“The Bubble,” if you will. And once they pay for it, they become total converts to it.

And given Google’s penchant for de-monetizing anyone to the right of Joseph Stalin, there’s little to do for many conservative websites but to go subscription-based. But it’s unfortunate–the Left is already 90% hermetically sealed off from a diversity of opinions, and this would make it 99.9%! It makes it so there is little change for change.

It is a danger for the right, and already-raging infection for the Left!

And to be sure, when you PAY for content, you are already primed to accept it as true. And it’s far worse for the Left–the Right already lives in a world where radio, TV, colleges, and popular artists are flagrantly and very publicly steeped inLeftism. For those on the Right that is FAR from being the–case; They are confronted with Leftism all day, every day.

And then to make things even worse, the Left has taken to not even arguing their point, leading to a totally unchallenged position and a pervasive intellectual flabbiness.

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