Disgusting! Evil

Yep, you

have been duped. Sorry, but you need to face the truth.

According to new forensic analysis in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research, Pfizer failed to disclose evidence of more than a 3.7-fold increase in the number of cardiac deaths among vaccine recipients compared to those who received a placebo.

“This means that 79 percent of relevant deaths were not recorded in time to be included in Pfizer’s regulatory paperwork,” Angelo DePalma, Ph.D. wrote for Children’s Health Defense (CHD) regarding the study. “By not including relevant subject deaths in the case report, Pfizer obscured cardiac adverse event signals, allowing the EUA to proceed unchallenged.”

It truly makes me angry. So many lives lost and destroyed. All the while, Pfizer has been legally immune to lawsuits. Disgusting!

Take that legal immunity away and Pfizer would take the “vaccine” off the market before the close of business that same day!

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