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Oh c’mon!

It’s just not AT ALL believable that the Secret Service doesn’t know dang good and well who brought cocaine into the White House! You’d have to be a buck-toothed rube with substantially low IQ to believe that!

You’ll also notice the lockers are numbered and have locks. So we’re expected to believe that the Secret Service doesn’t know who was assigned that locker and provided a key for it. According to reports, there were roughly 500 potential suspects. Are we expected to believe the White House doesn’t have a record of who used which locker on a particular day? Is it possible the White House doesn’t know who has which locker and its corresponding key at a given time?

It’s pretty dang clear to even the dullest among us that the Secret Service is not telling the truth, here. It is almost blindingly obvious that by far the most likely thing is that Hunter Biden brought it in. We’re being fed a bunch of crap! And NO ONE with any good sense believes what they are shoveling.

It was observed coming in:

Unless you get to bypass security, of course. As former Secret Service agent Dan Bongino has said, the Secret Service knows exactly who brought the cocaine to the White House, and that someone is likely in the First Family or a friend.

Please, we’re not stupid! Do they think we are?

Obviously, yes.

And by the way, Hunter having cocaine violates the terms of his parole agreement and sends him straight to prison. So yeah, Joe Biden had a BIG reason to cover this up!

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