Anti-Semitism Poetic Justice

So will the

fissures in the Democrat party widen into a gaping chasm? It’s probably too much to hope for such poetic justice and it likely won’t happen.

But it’s a real possibility.

This disturbing appeasement of Hamas shows how intersectional ideology allows for alliances that are more than a little contradictory. For example, take the gay and trans activists making excuses for Hamas. With its Islamist fundamentalist worldview, this terrorist organisation seems an odd match for supporters of postmodern gender politics.

A potential Democratic civil war is now in the offing. Biden’s attempts to placate his left by pushing for a slowdown in Israel’s response are unlikely to please either side.

Yes, this author gave into his compulsion to let his anti-Trump freak flag fly–it seems like a form of political Tourette’s Disorder. But he makes a good point in the Israel issues have a real danger of fracturing the Democrat party.

Yes, it probably won’t happen. But there is a non-zero chance that it will. And it’s not a Lloyd Christmas chance!

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