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See, Disney (yet again)

deliberately stepped in some serious dog doo-doo. It’s like they are trying to destroy their brand. I remember as a kid watching “The Wonderful World of Disney” each Sunday night. Yes, sometimes (for adults) it was a bit silly, but for me as a kid, it was always a treat.

It was always geared toward kids. And it was alway safe–good, clean fun. And movies like Swiss Family Robinson (1960) became goofy family classics–I mean, who can forget the “BONK!” when the rolling log hits the head of Kuala the pirate? “You make Kuala wait long time!”

Or Rocketman (1997), a source of never-ending great quotes (Not the hairy one!) and the world’s best Miss America scream. The Disney of my childhood (and even 25 years ago) simply no longer exists.

But, because of “woke” Leftism, it’s mostly crap, now. Those halcyon days of the past are indeed gone. And we have tried oh-so-hard to believe they weren’t gone, but they are. And it’s a dirty shame.

Again, the woke corporate idiots might want to consider that there are a lot of non-leftists in America with money to spend. Disney more than most companies should know that its core fan base isn’t made up of raging commies.