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Wow! It doesn’t

get any better than this!

But this is very clearly from a few years ago. And it is striking to me. Joe looks a lot more “with it.” His speech pattern is quite different–he speaks much faster and more fluently.

Plus, he talks about being on the “campaign trail” and he already had hair plugs in. So I would guess this was in 2011. Just spitballing, here.

But it is, in fact, very disturbing to see how much he has declined since this was shot. It just doesn’t seem like the same person at all.

He was always an idiot, sure. But let’s not focus on the content alone. This shows a stark contrast compared to to how Biden looks now! So yeah, we all laugh about what an idiot he has always been, but the difference between then and now in terms of cognitive function is just night and day!