Age-related decline Political Strategy

Yes, yes. But

there is a teensy bit of a problem with that

Lefty Politico has a fever, and the only cure is more Biden…

Let’s face it, Joe is senile. Riddled with dementia. So his team is faced with a devil’s dilemma: Hide Joe and keep the public from seeing just how incompetent he is, or prop him up in public events for short periods to show he is OK.

The problem with the first option is that Senile Joe™ is simply not going to win by going back and again hiding in his basement. It won’t work again. And let’s be honest–even then he wouldn’t have won without massive voter fraud. Even that was very nearly not enough!

BUT, the problem with the second option is that the more exposure, the more people realize that he is a senile old dotard. And he has a habit of going off on weird tangents and/or saying imbecilic things. He is easily confused. So the less he says, the better.

What I expect is kind of a mixture of those two things: Put Joe out there on a very limited basis and just hope he doesn’t crap his pants on stage. Literally. A couple of lucky events and BOOM! Less concern about this geezer and a shift back to the “basement strategy,” at least for a time.