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Yes, and I

think that is the least problematic option in many ways. But it’s not without problem.

For example, how will she fare under withering policy attack? Honestly, we don’t really know–she has never faced that before. She has zero experience. That is not a deal-breaker, but it does give one pause. And if it is done after the primaries to spare her the need of actually winning a Primary, she will have had zero experience in a debate before she hits Trump. Of course, she has Barack there to help out, but there will be lots of times when he is just not able to help her.

Plus, will Kamala just meekly go along with it? Yeah, maybe. Not all that likely, but maybe. But even if she does, it will be crystal clear that she was forced out. THAT particular risk to the Black vote is reduced somewhat by Michelle’s gender and race, but the fact will remain that Kamala was forced out–and she may fight it.

Will Michelle do it? She has said in the past that she is not interested, though that position is about as durable as a snowball in a vat of molten lava. I assume that she would.

And it would be a HUGE problem if Gavin Newsom were the new anointed one. Wrong gender, wrong race. Let’s face it–he is already being tossed to the side of the Democrat road. Thanks for playing, Gavin!

When asked about Hur’s decision not to bring charges against Biden, Ramaswamy said it signaled Biden’s “willingness” to eventually step aside. 

Yes, I think that is likely to be true.

Remember, Biden had a chronic and ongoing practice of unlawfully retaining classified information since the 70s. Then he revealed classified information to his ghost-writer–who had no security clearance at all! Then, after being subpoena’d, the ghost writer destroyed (legally, “despoiled”) the evidence. Just erased the recordings altogether. And Biden wrote down classified information in notebooks, which he kept.

Sheesh! How about a little justice, here? I think this means Democrats will chuck him out like old, spoiled hamburger.

So it may be that Biden is so obviously senile and compromised that he has to go. And so Michelle Obama quickly becomes the next best option.

But let’s not be confused. There are also significant problems with that course of action.

BUT, it is quite clear that Trump is FAR less guilty than Biden (Trump had the plenary power to de-classify, while Biden never did). So if they press charges against Trump after not charging Biden, that is pure injustice and we ALL know it!