Political Strategy

I think there are two

intended lessons of the Trump prosecutions from Lefty “deep state” swamp monsters:

First: If you move to de-fang us, we the Lefty swamp will go after you hammer and tongs while you are in office. People you trust will ruthlessly betray you–because they are actually agents of your enemies, under deep cover. Your policies will be stymied over and over by people who promised to faithfully execute them.

Second: Even after you leave office we will hound you forever. We will get corrupt judges to levy absurd fines against you. We will get people to nonsensically accuse you of 20+ year-old crimes. We are coming after you with a blood-lust that never dies and that can never be sated.

We will never stop hounding you. It will be like Javert on steroids. We will hurt you, both personally and financially. And we will pat ourselves on the back as being morally good for doing so.

So this is NOT just an effort to get Donald Trump. He is just a convenient target for their brutality.

No, it is also to warn anyone else that you dang well better not seek the demise of the swamp, because they will destroy you if you do, both while you are in office and after you leave. Cross the swamp and you are a dead man, walking.