Captain Obvious Evil Fighting Back

I’m telling you

folks, it makes NO difference at all who it is: Anyone who runs for office who is at least center-right will be hounded incessantly by the Left. It is an intense maliciousness that never sleeps!

These attacks are all a message to anyone who would dare to run as a conservative. Do so, and we will stop at nothing to destroy you.

Even some conservatives have gone wobbly! They need to buck up a bit…

Having said all that, we’ve now reached a point where even if you hate Trump’s behavior, despise his temperament, think he isn’t a pure-enough conservative, or would prefer someone else less toxic carry the conservative banner, the choice is clear — either support Trump or condone the anti-democratic, extra-legal, election-integrity-destroying tactics of the left, which will forever poison the American political system, and will mean the end of conservatism in the U.S. for the foreseeable future.

… Those who think this is just about Trump, or that Trump is a special case, or that once we get Trump out of the picture civility will return, are deluding themselves. If Mister Rogers ran as a conservative he’d be just as viciously attacked.

Since then, the left has added lawfare to its arsenal, which has now reached peak absurdity for the simple reason that Trump refuses to give in. But make no mistake, scalping Trump will only whet the left’s appetite for more scalps.

But perhaps with the recent absurd court action and the manifestly unfair blocking of appeal, things have hit the tipping point. I sure hope so!