Defensive Avoidance Lawlessness Psychopathological Denial

Yep. Denial ain’t

just a river in Egypt!

Democrats feast at a smorgasbord of denial when confronted with their failures. Various ways to pretend something isn’t happening are always in front of them. At first — and for the longest time — it was garden variety denial. The Biden administration dispatched all of its minions to assure everyone that there was no crisis at our southern border. 

…All any of that denial did was exacerbate the very real crisis. While the public could see the crush of humanity from news sources that weren’t in the tank for the Democrats, Team Biden had “The border is secure” playing on a loop throughout all of its friendly media. It’s a testament to their powers of prevarication that they could keep saying that with straight faces. 

… Once more, with feeling: Biden’s border catastrophe is both a humanitarian and national security crisis that can’t be swept under the rug. Every response to every “Gotcha!” question thrown at Republican candidates this year should begin with throwing the border insanity in their faces.