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Joe is rapidly

losing votes. The Border Patrol people realize very well that he is senile and “he” has made a complete hash of this, as well as endangering the country as a whole.

Even as Joe Biden finally pays a token visit to the border amidst his increasingly disastrous border crisis, the Border Patrol Union had a few choice words for the senile meanderer-in-chief, especially compared to his predecessor.

And this:

“In an effort to invigorate him for his border visit, WH staff reportedly tells Biden that Brownsville is a new ice cream flavor,” the Union joked, referring to Biden’s destination in Texas, where Reuters reported that Biden planned to blame Republicans for his border crisis. Trump, meanwhile, went to Eagle Pass, Texas, long considered an epicenter of the illegal alien influx. [emphasis added]

Ouch! Ouch, ouch, OUCH! The White House staff is saying this! Out loud. To outside people. What does this tell you?