Age-related decline

We sure wouldn’t

want a well-meaning elderly man with a poor memory to fall, now would we?

Look folks, he’s just not competent. Everyone knows it. What a pathetic joke he is! If he were in a nursing home and not causing problems that would be one thing. But he is screwing up the lives of all of us!

Age-related decline

Yeah, almost all

of us think that.

Most Americans, 86%, say President Joe Biden is too old for another term in the White House, according to a new poll that comes after special counsel Robert Hur described the president as a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory” in a report about Biden’s alleged mishandling of classified documents. 

In other news, rigid Democrat hacks are seen in a mass peeing of pants!

Age-related decline Political Strategy

Yes, yes. But

there is a teensy bit of a problem with that

Lefty Politico has a fever, and the only cure is more Biden…

Let’s face it, Joe is senile. Riddled with dementia. So his team is faced with a devil’s dilemma: Hide Joe and keep the public from seeing just how incompetent he is, or prop him up in public events for short periods to show he is OK.

The problem with the first option is that Senile Joe™ is simply not going to win by going back and again hiding in his basement. It won’t work again. And let’s be honest–even then he wouldn’t have won without massive voter fraud. Even that was very nearly not enough!

BUT, the problem with the second option is that the more exposure, the more people realize that he is a senile old dotard. And he has a habit of going off on weird tangents and/or saying imbecilic things. He is easily confused. So the less he says, the better.

What I expect is kind of a mixture of those two things: Put Joe out there on a very limited basis and just hope he doesn’t crap his pants on stage. Literally. A couple of lucky events and BOOM! Less concern about this geezer and a shift back to the “basement strategy,” at least for a time.

Age-related decline Captain Obvious Slacker

Well, they

SHOULD be tired of it! Actually, it’s outrageous. I think we ALL have suffered slackers at work, and Biden is the ultimate slacker.

“It’s been reported that over 40 percent of Joe Biden’s presidency has been spent on vacation. And I think a lot of Americans, including Gen Z, don’t want a president who seems more like he’s retired the next four years after 2024.” 

… “I just think he lacks the cognitive ability to lead the country,” Edwards said. “I feel that over the last four years, we have seen a constant decline in his true ability in leading America… and I think in order to lead the free world, to lead America, you must make hard and complex decisions in the blink of an eye, and I don’t think we have that in Biden.” 

It’s been a clown show in the White House since day one of Biden’s presidency. He has a 6-hour window in his day, barely holding press conferences or attending events. When he does manage to muster up the energy to address the country, he reads from a teleprompter— however, even then, he botches it. In addition, the president has embarrassed Americans several times, falling upstairs while riding a bike, tripping across a stage, and fumbling over his own words while speaking. 

Age-related decline Dementia Joe

Yes, yes,

but that doesn’t account for the massive voter fraud that we will almost for sure see.

That’s what makes Trump’s small polling edge right now so remarkable. He never had such an edge during the 2020 campaign. I’m not just talking about this point in the 2020 cycle. I’m talking about at any point. I’m also not just talking about a lead in the average. I’m talking about a lead in any national poll that meets CNN’s standards for publication over the entire 2020 cycle.

OK, but now is NOT the time to get overconfident. Run through the tape, not to the tape!

Probably the best explanation for Biden’s troubles that I can come up with is age. More than perhaps any other indicator, the question of whether Biden is too old to be president has changed the most from 2020.

Age-related decline Buffoons

Biden’s polling

free-fall continues. And it is NOT just Republicans!

Most significant is that much of Biden’s decline has occurred among Democrats—an 11-point drop. Gallup’s explanation is significant, because it attributes the decline to something other than Biden’s age

It’s not just that he is senile. It’s also that what little coherent speech he has is not at all pleasing to many Democrats. If he sides with Hamas, he loses the more normal base. But if he sides with Israel he loses the wacko college sheep crowd. So he is splitting the difference–and no one is happy!

Now don’t get me wrong–these Democrat wackos are not suddenly going to come to their senses and vote for Trump. But they may well be so unenthused about Biden that they just don’t make the effort to vote.

Age-related decline Dementia Joe

It IS beyond

dispute! Anyone with eyes and a functioning brain knows that Biden is riddled with dementia and general old-age decline! Here he is embarrassing us again. Yet again…

Who are the fools who voted for this?

Age-related decline Dementia Joe

Well yeah.

They should be worried!

Anyone with eyes knows this guy is feeble, both physically and mentally.

A majority of Democrats are “concerned” about Biden’s ability to perform his job, given the fact he is 80 years old, recent polling shows. In addition, a strong majority of Americans believe Biden is too old for another term as president and hold concerns about his “health and mental acuity.”

Age-related decline

Just look at

the photo.

Just why do you think all the name-plates are turned toward Biden? THAT is not normal or natural! It certainly appears that Biden needs to have their names facing him. Huh.

Notice that all the nameplates are turned to face Biden. We know Biden has trouble remembering names of cabinet members and others, but is he so far gone that he needs nameplates for his senior national security team?

Age-related decline Captain Obvious

Biden is very

clearly in decline. It is REALLY hard not to see! Yes, there are some foaming-at-the-mouth Leftists who are actually ignorant of reality. But not all that many. Most just are cowardly quiet…

It is not necessary to trace Biden’s decline on a daily basis, but today’s episode is worth noting. Biden exhibited a complete failure to understand the basics of the federal budget and the federal debt.

… What Biden can’t acknowledge is that the cost of living has risen 17% since he took office, devastating the budgets of all Americans of modest means. The fact that “inflation is slowing,” as the Democrats like to say, merely means that people are getting worse off, but not as rapidly as they were some months ago.

And here we see the folly of electing someone who has never owned and lived off their own business:

This makes no sense. If a corporation shows a profit of hundreds of millions or billions of dollars, it owes income taxes to the federal government. Payment is not optional. The idea that corporations weren’t going to pay their income taxes, but the Biden administration “made them pay,” is absurd. And for what it is worth, the federal corporate income tax rate is 21%, so I have no idea where Biden got either 30% or 15%.

… As far as I can tell, there is not a single member of the Democratic Party who minds that President Biden is mentally incompetent. Our nation is sliding into a fiscal abyss, and Democrats have no intention of doing anything about it, or even acknowledging the fact. My best guess is that they are simply hoping that when the collapse comes, we have a Republican president whom they can blame.