Yeah, no

rank hypocrisy or ANYTHING!

Disgusting! Hypocrisy Immorality

Yes, it’s


And yet there are those who strut and prance around, reveling in their own (artificially) inflated sense of morality and self-righteousness, who support it. Disgusting!

Don’t be fooled by these guys! They are “whited sepulchers.” They look good on the outside but inside are full of dead men’s bones and all manner of impurity!


THIS is how you

know it’s a real problem! Right? Right? Bueller? Byooooler?

Four hundred private jets? You gotta be kidding me!

Anyone who says this isn’t a religion is dumb as dirt.

Indulgences, anyone? Just pay a little to be clean of your environmental sins! And it is mere couch-cushion change for these people…

Abortion Evil Hypocrisy

Well yeah!

DUH! MOST moral people strongly disagree

Most people are not lying charlatans. I’m OK if you disagree with me–let’s discuss it like reasonable human beings. But don’t lie about it!

I’m totally OK with disagreement. But I’m not OK with lying and hiding your real position!


Yeah, it’s a bummer

when your gross hypocrisy becomes horribly public! Leftists want to avoid that at all costs!

Hypocrisy Illegal Immigration

All I can say

is good! Make the grandstanding bastards choke on their own overweening arrogance!

Hypocrisy Political Strategy

I agree:

Strike NOW! And strike hard.

However, according to Civiqs, among Hispanic registered voters in that age group, 22% of Democrats and 71% of independents disapprove of the job Joe Biden is doing.

… Biden is almost 10 points underwater on border security and immigration with Hispanic voters. Twenty-five percent of Hispanic voters put those issues in their top two. When asked about them separately, 59% say border security is their most important issue. Another 43% have cost of living among their top two issues, with 35% selecting jobs and the economy. Biden is -13 on the economy and -25 on the cost of living. The GOP needs to take a wild guess that these are the most important concerns in the community as a whole and not some vague, separate category based only on ethnicity. Only 11% put healthcare in the top two issues, and 14% selected abortion.

… More Hispanic registered voters (34%) describe themselves as “moderate” than “liberal” or “very liberal” combined (33%). It is time for Republicans to point out how radical Democrats have become at every opportunity. The examples are endless, from pushing radical transgender policies in K-12 schools to energy policy. This is not your grandmother’s Democrat Party.

Younger Hispanics especially are turning HARD against the Lefty immoral nonsense. The fact that a few of my religious white acquaintances support the immorality a Biden is a monument to rank hypocrisy…

Alas, there have been “whited sepulchers” in every age!

Captain Obvious Corruption Hypocrisy

Yeah, the Democrat

leadership wants to preserve their insider trading!

You think they are working for YOU? Don’t make me laugh! Don’t be a bloomin’ fool!

Nancy Pelosi is famously a HUGE insider trader, so yeah, Democrat leadership really wants to preserve that. And so, of course, does Steny Hoyer–not just because he is the chief toady of SanFranNan, but because you can bet that HE is waist-deep in insider trading, as well…

But yeah, this is a disgusting self-serving failure of House Democrats. They are ALL as corrupt as the day is long!

BUT, as it becomes increasingly clear that Democrats will be the minority after the November elections, new members are jumping ship! (Note: this didn’t happen when the Democrat loss of the House was not looming. Rats. Sinking ship. Yeah.)

Rep. Abigail Spanberger (D-Va.), [recently] incensed by the decision [though this is FAR from a new thing], said in a Sept. 30 statement that it was “a failure of House leadership” and called for a new generation of Democrats to take control of the party.

… “Our job as elected officials is to serve the people—not ourselves,” Spanberger wrote. “That’s why I’ve been proud to lead the charge on legislation to ban Members of Congress and their immediate families from trading individual stocks—not only because it’s the right thing to do, but because the Virginians I represent overwhelmingly support it and want us to get it done.

It’s nice to see some pushback, even if it IS overly convenient and is baldly instrumental…

Hypocrisy Illegal Immigration

I have just one thing to say:


Cowardice Hypocrisy

Yeah, pretty much…