Moral Agency Political philosophy

The TRUTH is

that free speech has become a Right-Wing value.

Little is more obvious than the fact that Leftism is all about squelching opinions you don’t like and forcing people to do what you want, while Conservatism is all about free speech and moral agency. Look at Twitter now, for Pete’s sake!

If you don’t support the right to speak of those with whom you disagree, you are not really for free speech! You are just a wannabe despot. Own it!

Now Conservatives own sex, drugs, rock-n-roll, and Johnny Rotten…

Moral Agency

Meat-sack morality

Most modern explanations posit that people are mere biological machines–complex ones, for sure, but mere machines nonetheless. ALL behavior is to be explained by Platonic Material and Efficient causes, and not at all by Final causes.

You “love” your spouse? It is mere cause-and-effect, how machines work. The subjective feeling of “love” is an illusion, a mere ignis fatuus.

Unless you actually chose, the action has no more (actually less) life meaning than a hammer striking a nail. In other words, no real morality and meaning as we generally think of it. There is only the necessary, and choosing is pure fantasy. Without true moral agency, there IS no existence as a moral agent–there is only reflexive and metaphysically necessary reflex action.

In short, without moral agency there is ONLY “meat-sack morality.” You act in ways that are pre-determined, just as any meat-sack would! THAT is the logically necessary end of a philosophy of biological reductionism.

And “complexity” in no way solves the problem–this is a foundational problem! Complex machines are no more intrinsically agentive than simple ones.

Moral Agency Political philosophy

Yes, that is

true: Lefties have a freakin’ COW over vigilanteism, but have no problem at all with armed and violent Lefty protests with rioting and looting. Gee, I wonder why that is?

Actually, I DON’T wonder…

I think the reason why Lefties freaked out about Kyle Rittenhouse obviously acting in self-defense is that it showed in plain relief the scummy underbelly of the Left. They want YOU to be defenseless and for THEM to have all means of inflicting harm.

THAT violence is indeed part and parcel with ALL Leftism! The violence is NOT an unfortunate and irrelevant part of Leftism. It is the beating heart of Leftism itself.

Leftism depends on force and coercion in a way that Conservatism does not.

Yeah, if you ask me to in two words say why I am Conservative, here they are: “Moral Agency.”

Moral Agency Technology

We can’t even

make a truly self-driving car. Think about that before you wig out.

Look, compiling is not creating. There is a gap (and I think it is almost for sure rooted in moral agency).  There are things to act, and things to be acted upon. And the leap from computation to moral agency is not just large, they are two fundamentally different tracks! Thus, as they used to say in downtown Boston, “You can’t get there from here…”

The bottom line is that the computer is not a moral agent at all, no matter how fast it is or how big the database. Humans, OTOH, are. 

I think this mistake is rooted the biological reductionism so prevalent in all sorts of Psychology and even now in popular culture. But that reductionism is, even theoretically, wrong.

And the battle is, unsurprisingly, yet again about moral agency itself. Shocker…

Despotism Moral Agency

NEVER forget!

Your supposed “leaders” did this. Because they stupidly thought went along with the ruse that it would keep people from getting infected with the flu COVID. We all knew that was not true after the first couple of months…

And they dropped sand in skate parks to try and do the same thing.

THIS is the despotic (yet kooky) Left. A strange concoction of malignant goofiness and pure evil. They HATE moral agency in any form. That is what Leftism is all about!

And it’s breathtakingly evil. And if you get in their way, they will crush you like a bug if they at all can.

And as has been the case from time immemorial, YOU have to choose whether or not YOU are on the side of moral agency or on the side of force and despotism.

So where are YOU?

Lefty FORCE Moral Agency

Are you OK

with private businesses being forced to do the gov’t’s bidding?

Immorality Lefty Political Philosophy Moral Agency

Yeah, well Leftists

HATE free speech. Actually, they are an enemy to all forms of freedom and moral agency. THAT is what Leftism is! They are all about force and coercion, though of course it is all tied up in the happy talk of fairies and unicorns. They have to fool the rubes, after all…

So of course free speech on Twitter is an existential threat to them!

The totalitarian Left — but I repeat myself — doesn’t like “free speech” unless they’re in charge of defining it through their hand-chosen “fact-checkers.”