It’s pretty dang

sad when a former Democrat Presidential is more of a Conservative than a former Republican nominee.

It is sad, but undeniably true. Mitt Romney is a charlatan who duped the good people of Utah. He duped a TON of Republicans…

But he is what he always was: A RINO milquetoast con artist who is truly far more Leftist than Conservative. He is and always has been utterly dishonest. I can deal with opposition. But I am offended by deliberate dishonesty.

He took the well-worn Democrat path of pretending to be something he truly is not in order to gain power. It is morally revolting.

What a shame!

Gabbard’s lawyers sent Romney a cease-and-desist letter over his accusations that Gabbard, a U.S. Army National Guard Reserve Major, was “parroting false Russian propaganda” and “spreading “treasonous lies.”

… Lickspittle Romney, ever the swamp-dweller, took offense to the notion that the U.S. might be funding bio labs in Ukraine and lashed out at Gabbard on Twitter.

Romney richly deserves to have his butt sued off for willful and malicious defamation.

Romney is deliberately WRONG. Anyone with an iota of sense knows he is a dishonest turd!

Democrats, it is dishonest and morally revolting to pretend you are one thing when you are really another. Did you need me to teach you that?

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