Bad Faith Civil Rights Corruption Crime

Good thing

they got him, eh?

Descriptions of items that were improperly taken to Mar-a-Lago include a cocktail napkin, a phone list, charts, letters, memos, maps, talking points, a birthday dinner menu, schedules, and more…

There were rumors many months ago that this is all that the National Archives was after. Not really important things related to national security or some such, which even still wouldn’t justify the raid, but scribblings on napkins and letters from heads of state. If this report is correct, that’s what the FBI carried out an unprecedented raid on a president for. 33,000 stolen emails put on an illegal server weren’t enough to raid Hillary Clinton, but the National Archives wanting a letter from Kim Jung Un was. The abuse of power is off the charts.

Whew! We sure dodged a bullet if we recovered THAT stuff!

But is that all the FBI was actually after? Color me skeptical given how corrupt that agency and politically weaponized the bureau is. Sure, the collection of those records may have been the convenient pretext they needed, and the only one they could legally acquire, in order to search Trump’s home. But you can bet that while they were there riffling through the entire premises for nearly half a day, they were searching for other things that could bolster the other pursuits against Trump. The FBI just needed to get into the door and they could do whatever they want.

Weep for your country! What they did was a crime, no doubt about it. And it was a crime against you and me!

If they can do that to a billionaire former President, do you think they could do that against YOU? I bet they could!

UPDATE: And the corruption has just begun

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