Well, Kinzinger

is a known liar, so this is pretty par for the course…

It’s worth noting that this is the second time that Kinzinger has gone to bat for Epps.

But of course Kinzinger defends Epps. They bat for the same team!

Why is a congressman who served on the January 6th committee outright lying about something that is so obviously true? The videos of Epps are not new and have been circulating since 2021. He clearly and unambiguously incited the riot and the entry into the Capitol Building. In fact, when you watch the different clips of him, he seems to be very well rehearsed in what he’s saying and doing.

… None of that makes any sense unless you begin to think the worst, which is that the government was involved. But hey, I’m sitting here typing this, willing to hear a reasonable explanation for why Epps was ignored by the committee and has never been arrested. If Kinzinger has one, he’s welcome to share it because lying about what happened isn’t convincing anyone.

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