Current Events

The truth is,

Trump appears to have totally rooked the media. Again. Yet again.

What comes to my mind is that in football, when the defense gets overly and single-mindedly aggressive, the offense does screens or roll-outs or delayed hand-offs or other things that turn that aggression into over-pursuit, which is then exploited.

What Trump has done is exploit the over-aggressiveness of the MSM. He has turned their single-minded rush against him into a weakness for them. And they are left sputtering while Trump breaks off yet another 40-yard run!

And in the medium- and long-terms, they are HUGELY strengthening Trump. It’s already to the point of most people realizing that this is nothing but wacky, foam-flecked revenge-seeking! They have overdrawn their savings of crying, “WOLF!” They are just waving big, foam “#1!” fingers now.

No one believes them anymore. Oh sure, their are still some ragers against Trump who pursue him with almost psychotic zeal, but even they don’t actually believe that the charges are actually true or relevant anymore–they are just irrationally and hatefully venting their spleens.

So will Bragg eventually indict Trump? Yeah, maybe. Certainly, ALL the cards are in Bragg’s favor right now. But, in football language, it would be a shoestring tackle after a run of 20 yards–barely stopping Trump from taking it to the house.

Even if Bragg does, he has already lost the broader PR war. Now he’s just quibbling about whether Trumps foot was a sixteenth of an inch out of bounds on that run…

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