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Look, it’s

hardly surprising.

A recent study found that high school seniors that identified as liberal were more prone to depression than their conservative counterparts.

Just locus-of-control issues should tell you THAT!


Of all respondents, liberal women reported the highest depressive affect, with liberal women without a college-educated parent topping the charts. More women tended to identify as liberal than male, with 22% reporting a left-leaning political ideology. About the same amount, 21% of men identified as conservative.

Just do a thought experiment: Leftist religion ideology teaches that you are, at heart, a helpless victim who must have an external agent (ie: a benevolent government) to swoop in and “save” you–YOU can’t do it on your own!

A Conservative OTOH, holds to the idea that he or she can improve and that merit will win out.

Take a wild guess at which belief system is more depressogenic!

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