Evil Lefty Squalor

The Left’s

biggest lie (the NAZIs-are–on-the-right-rather-than-the-Left) compares. But this takes a very close second place.

Leftists dare not speak its name. But historically, it is QUITE clear that the Left and the medical establishment bought into eugenics lock, stock, and barrel.

SO, what makes you think that in OUR day these Lefties were not equally wrong about COVID? What makes them NOW immune to being catastrophically wrong again? Will we look back in 50 years and shake our heads at the COVID debacle and the surgical mutilation of children, like we do now at the Lefty eugenics movement?

And the Left has not even owned up to eugenics (or NAZI-ism) yet! (NAZI is an acronym for the German word for National Socialism)

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