Evil Clown Incompetence

Well said,

actually. It’s a pithy, obviously true statement:

Kamala is the Bud Light of Vice Presidents.

According to the newly released poll from NBC News, just 32 percent of registered voters said they had a positive view of VP Harris, compared to 49 percent who said they had a negative view, including 39 percent who expressed having a “very negative view.” Overall Harris had a net -17 rating.

As Greg Gutfeld said: According to a new poll from NBC, which is like a news network, but with Chuck Todd, Kamala is the most unpopular VP in recorded history. Think about that. She beat out Al Gore, some guy named Biden and even Dick Cheney and he shot a guy in the face. He had it coming, though, I think. I really don’t know that story too well. Anyway, so who says women can’t beat men when given the chance? Yes, ladies, you too, could suck every bit as much as men. She truly is the Bud Light of veeps.

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