Buffoons Captain Obvious Polls

Yes, yes

he is.

81 million votes? LOL! Sorry, I’m not stupid…

Well, he’s still got the”Democrat dead-ender” vote totally sewn up! If he lives long enough to run again (probably).

Mounting concern over incumbent U.S. President Joe Biden’s 2024 election bid is happening on both sides of the political fence.

Moreover, many left-wing voters have soured on Biden due to the country’s ongoing economic challenges, a visible decline in cognitive abilities, and an “inconsequential” first term.

… A recent Yahoo/YouGov survey revealed an overwhelming 67 percentof voters—48 percent of which are Democrats—think Biden is too old for a second term.

And let’s be quite clear why people voted for Biden:

“He wasn’t Trump. That’s the only reason most people I know voted for him. It was never because we wanted Biden,” Smith said.


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