Culture Justice

The combination

of Lefty violence and lax law enforcement is a powder-keg of vigilanteism.

I’ve said this over and over and over before. Vigilanteism is bad, don’t get me wrong. But it is understandable, and it is a HUGE cultural meme–there have been few dramas in the last 200 years that were not rooted firmly in vigilanteism. Probably RomCom (not drama) is the only genre that is NOT expressly vigilante-driven. And even then vigilanteism may well be there in some limited measure…

I mean, think about it! Even in modern literature. What is The Order of the Phoenix but a vigilante group? When Harry thought Sirius was in danger, he didn’t call the police…

Look, when people feel that the laws are not being fairly and evenly applied and that they or loved ones are in danger or unfairly treated because of it, you get vigilanteism. Good and fair police work and an overriding fair rule of law prevent vigilanteism.

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