Bad Faith Deception Hypocrisy

Yeah, Democrats!

Get over it! Don’t go into your manufactured “where’s-my-fainting-couch?” routine. YOU support what Hunter is doing and then pretend to be affronted by images of… what YOU support!

YOU advocate far worse in schools! I mean, what does MTG think this is, an elementary school library! Give me a freakin’ break!

Yeah, I’m FAR from impressed by your stupid schtick, Lefties…

The sheer hypocrisy is both disgusting and amazing! Sorry, I am not so stupid as to fall for your theatre-of-the-absurd prancing and preening and pontificating. Talk about faux outrage!

Yet there is no shortage of greasy long-haired Democrat Portland dupes (and their weaselly sympathizers) who will gulp this crap down like it was watered-down Bud Light. More’s the pity…

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