Deception Hypocrisy

There is a BIG

difference between hypocrisy and deceptiveness. Let me explain…

Those who are hypocrites actually share the same goals as “based” people, they just don’t live up to them. Usually it is out of weakness, but sometimes out of mere ignorance. The prototypical example is the cowardly soldier.

But it is a totally different ball game with those who are deceptive. These folks pretend to have the same goals as the rest of us, but in actuality they are “double agents” who act as if they want what’s best for people, but in actuality are enemies to the country and deliberately work to undermine it. The prototypical example is the Rosenbergs.

I think that at the top of Democrat circles, there are a lot of “Rosenbergs.” Their journey to the Dark Side is pretty much complete. But as you go lower and lower down the hierarchy, more and more are just garden-variety hypocrites.

And that is a good thing! That means these people may be misguided, but they actually have the same goals as the rest of us. Hypocrisy is FAR less of a problem than deliberate deceptiveness! It means that there is a chance for change.

Now this is a spectrum, not a categorical distinction. So almost ALL Leftists start out as hypocrites and some then get “captured” and inch toward deceptiveness. And I think that mere hypocrites are more amenable to logic, reason, and change (which is why discussion and debate are verboten in harder Lefty circles).

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