Fools Injustice Morality

What is disturbing

is not just that it is a bunch of crap. THAT can be overcome. Lies are a problem, but unadorned and brazen lies can be vanquished and dealt with.

What is disturbing is the clear and obvious weaponizing of the justice system. It is the willingness of “Biden” to deprive someone of their liberty simply because they disagree. It is the criminalization of dissent. It is banana-republic-like criminalization of opposition.

A mere spy is a problem, but surmountable. It is a Grima Wormtongue that is really dangerous!

And Democrats would be utter fools to think this will never rebound on them. It will. The shoe will eventually be on the other foot.

And THEN what will Democrats do?

It’s like a guy who is whipped repeatedly and then suddenly the whip slips out of the whipper’s hands and is picked up by the whippee.

Once that happens, the former abuser gives all sorts of panicked rationales to show that whipping another person is just wrong and that the person who NOW holds the whip shouldn’t use it–that revenge is bad for the soul and whipping people is morally wrong and all that–many of the very same arguments that were once used by the erstwhile whippee.

So what is justice in this case? I honestly don’t know. Is it to whip the crap out of the guy who whipped you? Is it to meekly give the whip back? And if the former whipper is just let go and the whip withheld from him, what if he makes good on his earlier threat that he will never give up and that he will betray you and throw rocks at you? What if you think he might?

There just IS no easy answer.

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