Deception Despotism

I gotta admit,

I have never understood the Left’s strange, almost phobia-like irrational fear of nuclear power. Indeed, I don’t now how you can, with a straight face, call yourself an environmentalist while fighting against modern safe nuclear power and wanting instead to fill up landfills with toxic used-up solar panel and un-recyclable windmill blades and used-up toxic batteries (none of which work very well). And that is after both avian-frying solar panels and bird-chopper windmills have wreaked havoc on bird populations!

Honestly it does’t make a lick of sense. Except…

Except if maybe this is ALL just a front, and it actually is is merely a cynical gambit for power and dominion. OK, now that makes sense!

It’s just hard to shake the nagging feeling that for the Left this is NOT about environmentalism at all! Not one bit. In fact, it is just a despotic power grab wrapped in the “smiley face” robes of environmentalism. THAT sure makes a lot more sense!

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