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Rare photo

of Joe Biden:

An old rancher pinched his hand in a squeeze gate to the point of needing stiches. While his doctor was stiching him up their conversation came around to politics, when the doctor asked the old man what he thought of the current President.

The rancher responded by saying he thought the President was no more than a “Post Turtle.”

He further explained, “When you’re driving down an old country road and you come up upon a turtle balanced on a fence post, THAT’s a post turtle.”

Noting the curious look on the doctor’s face, he realized that the doctor still did not understand, so he continued, “You know he didn’t have the ability to get there himself, he has no idea how he got there or what he’s doing, he has no natural ability to accomplish anything from there, and you can’t help but wonder what idiot put him there in the first place.”

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