Banana Republic of Brandon

Sheesh! Who’s in

charge of this chicken rig?

It is my sincere hope that people realize how embarrassing this situation really is. Instead of being the Leader of the Free World, Joe Biden is being spoonfed oatmeal and talking points that end with “it’s a big deal.” Rather than owning the border responsibilities she was given years ago, Vice President Harris is doing all she can to avoid the situation because that’s, like, too hard.

The hard reality is that there is a TON of really important stuff going down right now, and most of our leaders are not even close to being up to it. Not even close.

Serious people look at reality. In Anthony Blinken’s case, reality is unfreezing $6 billion in Iran and watching elderly women, teenage girls, and entire families murdered. Kamala Harris’s reality is deadly, as people and drugs are pouring into the United States across a border that is barely a border. Joe Biden’s reality is he is too old and unwell to be surrounded by a bunch of self-serving social climbers. The GOP’s reality is a circular firing squad that benefits no one except Democrats. The Democrats’ reality is their noisy fringe is pulling resources away from moderates who are less concerned with your pronouns than if their kids’ teachers have adequate funds to keep their classrooms running safely and efficiently.

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